Pharmaceutical steroids for bodybuilding

When it begins to discuss pharmacology in bodybuilding, opinions are divided. There are those who do not care about laws and principles, who, despite the side effects, are ready to take drugs banned by world organizations.

But if you are for legal anabolics and do not want to use questionable “chemistry”, then you have found the right article. Here we consider a technique focused on: increasing muscle mass and overall endurance, renewal of productivity and performance in bodybuilding.

Naturally, if you compare with the strongest chemical banned drugs, the effect will not be so fast and not so obvious, but you will significantly save your health from severe risks. Also, do not forget about proper nutrition, special supplements and active training.

After all, these are the “whales” on which your desired result in sports will stand. If all this is correct to combine, to comply with the stability and uniformity, your body will not just filled with water or “bloated”, as during the use of bodybuilding chemicals.

Moreover, it is no secret that the muscle mass recruited in an unnatural way has the ability to “disappear” after the program with chemistry use. But we need a result that will bear fruit and will last for a long time.

There are also athletes who either do not need a large muscle mass or it is enough already, but there are problems with excess fat. Therefore, if you are overweight and want to cut, then there are useful tips for you in this article.

Expected progress and pharmacy

Further, we will present the pharmaceutical drugs for bodybuilding. It should be noted that the pharmacy drugs for muscle mass gain and cutting described in the article are also widely used in medicine.

Thanks to the combinations presented below, you will understand how to combine drugs correctly so that they do not neutralize each other’s actions, or worse, do not harm health. All these combinations have a proven positive effect on the athlete’s body. If you have used forbidden “chemistry”, when you taste pharmacy anabolics, you will refuse all past experiments with chemistry. You have the big “plus” – health is not undermined by the side effects of chemistry and stable result. Though not so fast, but constant, pure and real strength in the muscles.

The combinations have been developed and approved by specialists, who have been conducting research and testing for several years to identify the necessary results. They also found out that with properly training, nutrition and compliance with the presented schemes of medications, you can gain 5 kg or more of muscle mass, in a period from 3 to six months.

Naturally, each has its own genetics, mode of the day, nutrition and physical activity, so the gainings will vary individually. Be sure to keep a diary where you write down all these aspects. This is especially necessary for self-control of those who are engaged without the help of experts.

For the body to adapt and take enough rest from the rapid muscle mass gain and stress caused by this process, we recommend for you do no more than three programs on weight gain in 12 months. Each program duration may be from 2 to 3 months.

Conditions of drugs selection in bodybuilding

I would like to note that the scheme of the drugs is intended for the natural bodybuilding or those who are “done with chemo”. After all, illicit drugs are quite different.

As you know, in bodybuilding excessive physical loads often require pharmacology support. And all not because it is a trend of fashion or a desire for quick results, but the natural need of the body, which itself is not able to recover so soon and work at maximum speed.

But, always it is necessary to consider a condition of all organism and stages of preparation of the athlete in an annual cycle at application of pharmaceutical pharmacology.

In the selection of the set of medications you must be aware of the following requirements:

  • Insights from medical observations of the body biochemistry;
  • Features of the central nervous system, cardiovascular system, etc.;
  • Resistance, adaptation to drugs;
  • Mandatory treatment or prevention of congenital and acquired diseases;
  • Psychological state and reaction in the period of competitions.

Training process and its stages

Let’s divide the training process into three well-known stages: preparation, competition and transition.

During the training year, each period has its own tasks. Special complexes of pharmacological agents were chosen for them.

Stage “preparation” – work on the mass gain. This is a comprehensive training. It lasts for most 14-16 weeks and repeats twice a year. Training lasts for 3 weeks. The special training on muscle mass is about 7 weeks. Within 5 weeks usually “catch up” lagging muscles. The main task of this period is to increase muscle mass and athletic strength.

Stage “competition” – relief or cutting. Task of phase is to change the muscle groups without loss of quantity. To do this, the intensity and volume of training increase to remove the layer of fat, and the muscles were able to emerge. The stage lasts in average of 12 to 16 weeks. During this stage, changes diet and training. For the development of musculature from you need 4 to 6 weeks.

The final stage is “transition”, usually covering the first two months of summer and winter.

Pharmaceutical steroids for muscle gain are drugs that are not prohibited and do not harm the body, but can strengthen the anabolic process.

Rest period

For the most part, the rest lasts no more than 3 weeks. It is necessary to reduce all types of power loadings or in general to exclude them. Maybe you should go swimming, cycling, jogging or anything else interesting for you, distracting and not straining. Drugs should also be excluded, because you need at least an active holiday from pharmacology. You can also take a variety of amino acids.

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