Can you lose weight with Simply Fit board?

Can you lose weight with Simply Fit board?

Rumsey agrees: “While it may certainly help to strengthen your core and abdominal muscles, that doesn’t mean defined abs.” For one, the board isn’t really a fat-loss device, and most people have a layer of fat underneath the skin which covers abs muscles.

Does simply fit Board burn calories?

Unlike more established workouts, there are no verifiable third-party tests of how many calories you’ll burn using a twist board. However, the manufacturers of the Simply Fit board claim that you’ll burn 80 to 100 calories during every 10-minute workout.

Is there a weight limit on the Simply Fit board?

A: Simply Fit Board can support up to 400 lbs!

Can you use Simply Fit board on carpet?

The Simply Fit Board Workout Mat is the perfect addition to any Simply Fit workout. USE ON ALMOST ANY SURFACE! The Simply Fit Board Workout Mat can be used on hardwood, tiled, carpeted floors or even outside!

How many simply fit boards have been sold?

In just the fourth quarter of 2016, more than one million Simply Fit Boards were shipped to retail stores. “In 4 years since airing on Shark Tank and doing a deal with me we’ve done over $160 million in retail sales!” the website reads.

How much money did Lori make on Scrub Daddy?

Shark that bit: Lori Greiner ($350,000 for a 10% stake). Sales: $164 million.

Did PhoneSoap get a deal on Shark Tank?

2015. This year started off with a bang – a feature on Shark Tank! PhoneSoap was fortunate enough to receive three offers and ultimately chose Lori Greiner as their partner. Lori was confident that the product would be wildly successful on the television shopping network, QVC.

What happened to ReadeREST after shark tank?

Rick remained active in the business operations, and years after his Shark Tank appearance, his website is still active with an expanded product line. Pink ReadeREST clips are available to support breast cancer awareness and an innovative design choice that looks like a pair of sunglasses.

How often should you use PhoneSoap?

The lightbulbs we use in our products have a lifespan of 4,000 hours – which is 240,000 minutes! That means you can use your PhoneSoap 3 about 24,000 times before the bulbs burn out. If they happen to burn out before then, we’ll replace them at no cost to you so you can keep on sanitizing!

Does the PhoneSoap really work?

Does it really work? You’ve probably heard that bacteria is good for you. Laboratory tests have shown that PhoneSoap kills 99.9% of common household germs, including bacteria that leads to E. Coli, Salmonella, Staph, Flu, and the common cold.

Can PhoneSoap damage your phone?

Yes, PhoneSoap is completely safe for your phone. PhoneSoap doesn’t use water or chemicals – it uses UV-C light. UV light kills germs but doesn’t harm you or your device. UV light can potentially cause damage with continuous, prolonged exposure to plastic.

Can you use Clorox wipes on phones?

If you don’t have access to Lysol wipes, a Clorox wipe is okay to use — Apple has updated its advice in the last year to say that Clorox-branded disinfecting wipes and other common disinfectants are safe to use on your phone. Or, you can try a mixture of mild soap and water applied to a microfiber cloth.

What is the difference between PhoneSoap 3 and PhoneSoap go?

PhoneSoap 3 vs. The dimensions are absolutely identical both inside and out, but the difference here is that you can charge the PhoneSoap Go and then use it anywhere. A full charge can provide up to 45 sanitizing cycles, or you can siphon off some of that 6,000 mAh cell’s charge to top up your phone while sanitizing.

How long does PhoneSoap last?

4,000 hours

Can you put glasses in PhoneSoap?

After 10 minutes, you can remove your phone from the device, or leave it inside until you’re ready to use it again. There’s even a helpful cutout at the bottom to fit a charging cable! The brand also says the device is safe for keys, glasses, credit cards and other daily essentials that might need a deeper clean.

Does UV light sanitize cell phones?

UV disinfection works best on non-porous objects without a lot of nooks and crannies. If the light isn’t able to reach all the exposed surfaces of a device, it won’t be very effective. That means you’ll want to take your phone (or other device) out of its case and make sure all the ports are open for the best results.

Can you put keys in PhoneSoap?

No liquid, heat, or chemicals are used in PhoneSoap 3, so its safe to sanitize anything that will fit inside! The UV-C light will kill bacteria on the surface of anything the light reaches – think remotes, glasses, keys, credit cards – the possibilities are endless!

How do you know when PhoneSoap is done?

When you close the top of PhoneSoap 3 or the door of the XL, the UV lights will turn on for a pre-programmed amount of time and automatically shut off when done. This is more than enough time to completely sanitize your devices and kill all the germs, but it is never enough time to damage your gadgets.

What can I put in my PhoneSoap?

What else can I put inside PhoneSoap? Anything that fits inside! Credit cards, keys, smartwatch – you name it. As long as it fits and is not wet, you can sanitize it using PhoneSoap.

Can you put AirPods in PhoneSoap?

PhoneSoap is the revolutionary phone charging case that uses UVC technology to disinfect and kill 99.99 percent of the germs on your phone, AirPods, or Apple Watch. Using code SWEET50, you can grab a PhoneSoap and get another for your valentine for 50 percent off.


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