What ethnicity is Demetria Obilor?

What ethnicity is Demetria Obilor?

Is Demetria Obilor Nigerian? She is an American by nationality. However, her father is Nigerian, and her mother has a German-Lithuanian-Russian background. She has three siblings Uzoma, Ikenna, and Kelechi.

Where is Demetria Obilor working now?

When her family moved to Las Vegas, Obilor found her first post-grad job at KLAS-TV. She was a morning traffic anchor at the CBS affiliate and also built a following on social media with her vivacious charm. In late 2017, Obilor moved to Dallas, joining WFAA’s Daybreak as a traffic anchor.

Where was Demetria Obilor born?

Kansas City

Was Demetria Obilor fired from WFAA?

The memo went on to state that Demetria was thankful for the opportunity to work and grow at WFAA. Demetria confirmed that she was leaving via a Twitter video posted on 18th September 2019. Carolyn’s memo stated that it was Demetria’s decision to leave WFAA.

Is Demetria Obilor single?

Demetria seldom appears with her boyfriend in any events. Neither, she talks about any of her partners. However, she often gushes about affairs and having a boyfriend on her social media jokingly. She seems to be single, and the post proved nothing about her actual relationship.

What is Demetria Obilor net worth?

The average estimated salary of the journalist at WFAA is $83 thousand per year. As of 2019, Demetria’s net worth is estimated at $200 thousand.

What size is Demetria Obilor?

Blessed with intoxicating curls, Demetria Obilor is famous for her curvaceous figure. Online outlets place her body measurements at Owning 74 kg (163 pounds) in weight, Demetria stands five feet & seven+ inches in height. Moreover, she reportedly wears size 16/18 dresses.

Is Kara Sewell married?

Sewell is married to Nick Parker since October 7, 2010. The two met in the news business and have worked together since 2006.

Who is Greg Fields married to?

Robbie Owens

Is Kara Sewell leaving WFAA?

This doesn’t surprise me: Morning news co-anchor Kara Sewell is leaving WXIX-TV for a major market, WFAA-TV in Dallas, in her home state of Texas. She’s that good. The Houston native was hired three years ago by Fox 19.

Who is Cynthia Izaguirre husband?


What is Greg’s salary?

$61,274 Per Year

What is Dale Hansen salary?

$79 thousand

Who is the highest paid news anchor?

Top 3 Highest Paid CNN Anchors

  • Megyn Marie Kelly, aka Megyn Kelly, was born on November 18, 1970, in Illinois.
  • Income: Megyn gets offered a three-year contract by NBC with a purported of $69 million.
  • Anderson Hays Cooper was born on June 3, 1967, in New York.

Where does Pete delkus live?

Dallas, Texas

What happened Colleen Coyle?

In January, the Channel 8 weather woman had taken a leave of absence as she and her husband adopted their first child. But as she prepared for her second adoption leave in July, she decided to leave the station for good. Now she’s back on the tube as a freelance meteorologist for the Weather Channel.

Who is the new girl on the Weather Channel?

Jen Carfagno

How old is Sonia Azad?

37 years old

Is Kalee Dionne still with NBC Chicago?

NBC 5 meteorologist Kalee Dionne, a native of Herscher, is leaving Chicago and taking at job in Dallas at the ABC affiliate WFAA.

Where has Alex Maragos been?

Alex Maragos, another Chicago native, will move to anchor the NBC 5 weekend news at 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. A graduate of Loyola Academy in Wilmette and Washington and Lee University, he joined NBC 5 in 2015 and has been anchoring the weekday morning newscasts since 2016.

Did Kalee Dionne have a baby?

Dionne is married to Jonathan Pair since May 26, 2013. They started dating in 2011 and got engaged on August 25, 2012. In 2018, the couple was blessed with their daughter Mila through adoption and they are very big advocates for adoption.

Who is the new anchor on NBC 5 Chicago?

Stefan Holt

What happened to Andy Avalos?

In 2003, he returned to NBC and has been on the air ever since. He is a former pilot and is in a holding pattern with hopes of returning to the skies in the future. For now, Avalos enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter and all of their furry friends.

Who is Kalee Dionne?

Kalee Dionne is a Meteorologist at WFAA in Dallas, TX, specializing in television and digital weather forecasting and reporting. 1) Who are you? Kalee started at WFAA in December of 2019. She was previously a Meteorologist at NBC 5 Chicago and 41 Action News in Kansas City, MO.

Who is the new meteorologist on WFAA?

Kalee Dionne

Who is the new female meteorologist on WFAA?

How old is Greg Fields?

50 years old


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