What is StrongFirst?

What is StrongFirst?

StrongFirst is an organization made up of like-minded people from all over the world with mutually held beliefs and concepts incorporated into an educational system of strength. It reminds me of a group of martial artists all growing and learning from one another.

How do you do a simple sinister?

The Program in a Nutshell Back to the program, the “Simple & Sinister” workout goes like this: 100 x 1-HS (1-Handed Swings) 10 reps every 30 seconds for 5 minutes. REST 1 minute. 10 x GU (Get-Up) 1 rep on the minute.

How tall is Pavel Tsatsouline?

6 feet 2 inches

How does Pavel Tsatsouline train?

Pavel does not train. He simply informs his muscles when it is time to become stronger.

What does Pavel Tsatsouline eat?


What is anti glycolytic training?

By definition, anti-glycolytic training refers to not using the glycolytic energy system during high effort training. Digging a wee bit into exercise science for you, here’s the normal sequence of fuel sources the body uses once high effort exercise commences and continues.

How do you train a glycolytic system?

The primary methods to train your glycolytic system are through repeated high effort activities with less than full recovery between efforts via 20- to 30-second sprints with a minute of rest between them or strength training sets lasting thirty seconds to one minute (6, 10, 13).

What is an Antiglycolytic agent?

A substance that inhibits the metabolism of glucose by cells in a specimen of blood. The most common antiglycolytic agents are sodium fluoride and lithium iodoacetate.

What is strong endurance?

What Is Strong Endurance™? There are times when simply enduring is not enough. One must carry on at a high level of strength, speed, or power. A football game. An obstacle course in a full kit.

What is the purpose of an Antiglycolytic agent?

The antiglycolytic agent is a substance that inhibits glycolysis or metabolism of glucose by the cells of the blood.

Which of the following needles has the largest diameter?

What size needle has the largest diameter? A 13 gauge needle has the largest diameter of the choices provided.

What is the most critical error a phlebotomist can make?

Phlebotomy Essentials 5th Edition chapter 8

Question Answer
Which type of inpatient is most likely to have more than one ID band? Newborn
What is the most critical error a phlebotomist can make? Misidentify the patient’s specimen

When disposable tourniquets become soiled with blood it is best to?

Phlebotomy final exam

Question Answer
Which of the following is used by the laboratory to identify a specimen thoughout the testing process? accession number
when latex or vinyl strap tourniquets become soiled with blood, it is best to ….. throw it away.
Fluid found around the heart is ….. pericardial

What happens if you mix tubes too vigorously?

In theory: (i) when blood tubes are mixed by gentle inversion, the risks of formation of either micro clots, clots or fibrin filaments are limited; and (ii) a vigorous mixing (or shaking) promotes erythrocyte injury or spurious hemolysis [30].

What should you do if you need to draw blood and a member of the clergy is with the patient?

A member of the clergy is with the patient when you arrive to collect a routine specimen. What should you do? Ask the patient’s nurse to put an ID band on the patient before you draw the specimen. You are asked to collect a blood specimen from an inpatient.

What word means controlling blood flow?


When performing a GTT The timing should begin?

The 0-hour for the test begins when the patient starts to drink the dose. During the test the patient should remain seated. Subsequent blood specimens should be collected in sodium fluoride/potassium oxalate (gray top) tube at 1-hour intervals for the duration of the tolerance requested.

Which needle gauge has the largest lumen?


Term Whlch is the best tube for collecting an ethanol specimen? a) Potassium EDTA b) Siliceous earth c) Sodium citrate d) Sodium fluoride Definition d) Sodium fluoride
Term Which needle gauge has the largest lumen? a) 18 b) 20 c) 21 d) 22 Definition a) 18

Which needle has the smallest lumen?

The gauge size of a needle indicates what the diameter of the lumen (opening) is. The higher the gauge, the smaller the diameter. For example, a 30 gauge needle has a narrower lumen than a 25 gauge needle….Plastic (Tapered 1.25″)

Gauge Size Inner Diameter (mm) Color
25 0.280 Red
27 0

What is the largest lumen?

Structure of blood and blood vessels

Artery Vein
Wall Thick, muscular Thinner
Lumen Small Large
Other features Thick muscular walls to withstand blood flowing at high pressure as it leaves the heart; the largest artery is the aorta Contain valves to prevent back flow of blood

What gauge multi sample needle is considered to be standard?


What is the smallest needle to draw blood?

The smallest gauge, 25, is used primarily with pediatric patients. 1 The short needle length allows the phlebotomist to insert it at a shallow angle that can increase the ease of use. Usually, there is a safety device that slides over the needle to lock it after it has been used to minimize the risk of needle stick.

What are two different blood collection methods?

Three popular methods of blood collection are:

  • Arterial Sampling.
  • Venipuncture Sampling.
  • Fingerstick Sampling.

What gauge are butterfly needles?

Most butterfly needles range from 18 to 27 gauge. The higher the number is, the smaller or thinner the needle size is. While the size can vary, most needle sizes are 21 to 23 gauge.


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