What is Tofugu?

What is Tofugu?

Tofugu is the Japanese teacher we never had We are building tools and writing about the Japanese language for our past-selves: people who were (and still are) excited about learning. So we kept writing, and we’ve been bridging the gap between Japanese linguistics and you, the Japanese learner, ever since.

How good is Tofugu?

Tofugu was a standout. The writing is compelling, the people that work there are smart and friendly, and everyone seems to truly care about the important contribution they are making to people studying Japanese. Tofugu eventually released two original learning resources.

How can I teach myself Japanese?

Why Teaching Yourself Japanese Works

  1. You can move at your own desired pace.
  2. When you teach yourself Japanese you decide what to learn and how to learn it.
  3. You ultimately have to teach yourself.
  4. Learn to Read Hiragana.
  5. Become Familiar with Katakana.
  6. Familiarize Yourself with Kanji.
  7. Build a Core Vocabulary.

What are the 3 Syllabaries of Nihongo?

The Japanese writing system consists of three different character sets: kanji (several thousands of Chinese characters), and hiragana and katakana (two syllabaries of 46 characters each; together called kana). Japanese texts can be written in two ways: In Western style, i.e. in horizontal rows from the top to the …

Why does Japan have 3 alphabets?

Because they serve different purposes. Hiragana and Katakana are syllabaries, while Kanji is logographic. Kanji is used for the basic meaning of words. Hiragana is used for things like particles, conjugations, prepositions, etc.

Is Japanese written up and down?

Direction of writing Traditionally, Japanese is written in a format called tategaki (縦書き), which is inspired by the traditional Chinese system. In this format, the characters are written in columns going from top to bottom, with columns ordered from right to left.

Are Japanese sentences backwards?

Yes you read that correctly, the Japanese do indeed speak backwards compared to English, by putting their verb at the end of the sentence and the subject at the beginning. German has the same thing. It takes extensive drilling, as well as a study of the grammar to learn the sentence structures.

Is Korean read up and down?

Like other East Asian scripts like Chinese or Japanese, Korean script may be written horizontally or vertically. But in today’s Korea, overwhelming majority of Korean is written horizontally, to be read from left to right. The headline is written horizontally, while the body is written vertically.

Why are Japanese books backwards?

Why are manga books written backwards? For a Japanese person, manga books aren’t written backwards. Japanese language is traditionally written from top to bottom and right to left because ancient Japanese written system was imported from the Chinese one and, well, that’s basically how Chinese people used to write.

Are books backwards in Japan?

Traditionally, Japanese was written in vertical columns. These columns were read from top to bottom and from right to left. This way of writing is called tategaki (縦書き) – which literally means ‘vertical writing’.

Can Japanese read English?

Although many Japanese players won’t respond in English, they can probably get most of what you’re saying. They may not be conversational, but English is compulsory from age 10 onward. Their best language skills are generally reading.

Why do Japanese write vertically?

Traditionally, Japanese was only written vertically. Most historical documents are written in this style. Though, some older people still prefer to write vertically citing that it looks more formal. Most general books are set in vertical text since most Japanese readers can comprehend the written language either way.

Does Chinese read left to right?

Chinese and Japanese are both written vertically from right to left, though they are also commonly written horizontally from left to right.

Can Japanese be written horizontally?

There are two ways to write Japanese sentences, horizontally or vertically. Horizontal writing is widely used nowadays for the publications related to the field such as foreign languages, science, mathematics, music, and all textbooks but Japanese language in Japanese schools are written horizontally.

Is Cantonese read left to right?

If they are printed vertically, they are read top to bottom, starting from the right-most column and moving left. This means that vertically printed books will start from the “back”, from the point of view of a Westerner, and each column of text will be read until the book finishes at the “front”.

Can Cantonese speakers read Mandarin?

While the written English and the spoken are one thing, the written and the spoken Chinese are two very different beasts. Cantonese don’t read Mandarin, Cantonese read Chinese. Written Chinese is much more intelligible among Chinese dialects because it follows a standard format.

Is Russian read left to right?

Is Russian written left to right or right to left? It’s written left to right, and it uses the Cyrillic alphabet rather than the English one.

Is Russian cursive real?

Russian cursive is much like contemporary English and other Latin cursives. But unlike Latin handwriting, which can range from fully cursive to heavily resembling the printed typefaces and where idiosyncratic mixed systems are most common, it is standard practice to write Russian in Russian cursive almost exclusively.

Is Russian written backwards?

To write their language, Russians use their own alphabet : it uses letters from the Cyrillic script . Э or “Backwards E” was first used in place of Є (now abandoned in the Russian alphabet) for several reasons, one of them being to spell foreign words starting with an /e/ (“ay”) sound.

Is Russian harder than German?

Russian is hard (trudniy), German is heavy (schwer). It depends of course on where you´re starting from: English is a Germanic language (as is German) but it has fewer verb forms, noun genders and hardly any case endings for pronouns and adjectives. German has four cases, but Russian has six (and Polish even seven).

Is Russian or German more useful?

Both languages are useful within their own circles of influence: In Western and Central Europe, as well as for international business with these countries, German is more useful and more widely spoken than Russian.

Can you learn Russian by yourself?

It can be hard to find formal Russian courses in some regions. This means that, for some people, if you want to learn Russian, learning by yourself is your only real option. Even if you want to take a formal course down the road, learning basic Russian on your own can help prepare you for success in formal courses.

Should I learn French or Russian?

In terms of practicality, it depends where you’re going to work. If you want to work in Africa or western Europe, then you should learn French or German. If you want to work in Eastern Europe, the Baltics or in Central Asia, then Russian might be more suited for you.

Is it hard to learn Russian from English?

The Foreign Service Institute (FSI for short) places Russian into one its highest categories in terms of its relative difficulty for native English speakers (in other words one of the most challenging major languages). Keep convincing yourself that Russian is insanely difficult and it will be insanely difficult.

Is Russian worth learning?

If you are living in U.S the answer would be no. As Russian language is not used in daily living in U.S but if you are learning because you wanted to study literature, culture and many more then yes, it’s absolutely worth it.

Can I learn Russian in 3 months?

Most people want to learn Russian as quickly as possible and often look for short-cuts and secret formulas. If you follow my method, I can guarantee it’s possible to speak Russian fluently within 3 to 4 months. By spending time in Russian speaking countries such as Kyrgyzstan, you’ll learn the language a lot quicker…

Is Russian harder than Spanish?

Russian is a notoriously difficult language to learn. Spanish isn’t as hard by any means (Portuguese is my first language so it is easier to begin with since it’s a romance language, with similarities), but to an American it is a little complex because unlike English you have masculine and feminine for each noun.

Is Russian still useful?

Russian is not only useful within the country itself. The history of the Soviet Union means that Russian is still also a widely spoken language in Eastern Europe. Therefore it is possible to travel across many countries, speaking only one language, especially amongst the older generations.


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