What was Will Mellor in?

What was Will Mellor in?

He is known for his roles as Jambo Bolton in Hollyoaks, Gaz Wilkinson in Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps, DC Spike Tanner in No Offence, Steve Connolly in Broadchurch, Georgie in Barking!, and Ollie Curry in White Van Man. In 2021, he will appear in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street as Harvey.

Who is Will Mellor married to?

Michelle McSweenm. 2007

How much is Will Mellor worth?

Will Mellor net worth: Will Mellor is an English actor who has a net worth of $8 million. Will Mellor was born in Bredbury, Greater Manchester, England in April 1976.

Where is Will Mellor from?

Bredbury, United Kingdom

How old is Ralf Little?

41 years (February 8, 1980)

Did Will Mellor date Angela Griffin?

The man in question was former Hollyoaks star and new Casualty recruit Will Mellor, whom Angela dated for two years. Their relationship came under intense media scrutiny, especially following allegations that he had cheated on her.

Why did Sheridan Smith leave two pints?

“I wanted to be there but she’s just not interested so there is no point in going there. We can’t get a Two Pints reunion together without her.”

Who is Angela Griffin’s husband?

Jason Milliganm. 2006

Was Will Mellor in line of duty?

In 2016, Will joined the cast of huge BBC hit drama Line of Duty as PC Rod Kennedy. The character was murdered by infamous corrupt policeman The Caddy.

Did Arnott sleep with Denton?

Series two saw the pair get close, but Arnott has always maintained he was “nurturing the trust of the target” (ahem) and did not sleep with Denton.

Who is Steve Arnott girlfriend in line of duty?


Is Lindsay Denton guilty?

Six weeks of twisting and turning and lies and betrayals finally came to an end with the revelation that DI Lindsay Denton was guilty as charged. For most of her life Lindsay Denton did the right thing, kept her head down and played by the book, and it got her nowhere. …

Is Di Denton innocent?

SERIES THREE (2016) But he is finally exposed by DI Denton who, having been acquitted of conspiracy to murder, dies at his hand emailing the list to AC-12.

Is Lindsay Denton death?

Lindsay was killed off in series three. She is murdered by Dot Cottan, also known as ‘The Caddy’ (played by Craig Parkinson) after refusing to take a bribe.

Why did Gates kill himself line of duty?

Tony Gates was killed The biggest moment in the finale came when corrupt copper Gates new his career was over, thanks to all his dodgy dealings. Gates realised the only way to protect his family was to die in the line of duty and so he decided to die.

How did Steve Arnott end up in a wheelchair?

Steve has had the dramatic experience at the end of series four when he was in the wheelchair after being tossed down the stairs by balaclava man.

Does Steve Arnott lose a finger?

Jools walks away. Arnott wakes up in the hospital with an arm bruised from elbow to fingertips. Kate and Superintendent Ted Hastings have been waiting at his bedside. Kate tells him that the had to operate on his hand but they have saved his finger.

Why did they kill Jackie Laverty?

Jackie Laverty was a divorced businesswoman played by Gina McKee who was having an affair with series one “antagonist” DCI Tony Gates (Lennie James). Gates was hit over the head and his fingerprints were placed on the murder weapon as a means of blackmailing him.

Are the storylines in line of duty true?

Are the plots based on true stories? Yes- Some storylines are a case of art imitating life. Speaking about these plot inspirations, showrunner Jed Mercurio told the Express, “Well, there are actually, really relevant examples in British legal history of Stefan Kiszko and you should look up who his solicitor was.

Who is H in line of duty?

Les Hargreaves

Does Steve Arnott get promoted?

We also see Steve take embarrassing steps to find a woman. Plus he is smarting after being passed over for promotion to Detective Inspector – the job went to colleague Kate, who he is now forced to call “Ma’am”.

Did Steve Arnott die in line of duty?

Line of Duty season 6: Steve Arnott’s death ‘sealed’ as Martin Compston shares huge clue.

What happened to the caddy in line of duty?

In a feature-length finale, Dot was finally unmasked as ‘The Caddy’ in a riveting interview scene. Dot’s escape was a bloody affair, and ended with him riddled with bullets, recording his dying declaration (below) for Kate Fleming before passing away – evidence that would help bring the abusers to justice.

Is Steve Arnott a DI?

Steven David “Steve” Arnott is a Detective Inspector in Central Police, currently assigned to AC-12.

Who threw Steve Arnott down the stairs?

Steve has had the dramatic experience at the end of series four when he was in the wheelchair after being tossed down the stairs by Balaclava Man.

When did Steve Arnott hurt his back?

Steve was injured back in series four after suffering an attack at the hands of Balaclava man – a disguised member of the OCG. The assailant jumped the detective, initially hitting his face with a baseball bat, before throwing Steve down a flight of stairs, leaving him for dead.

What nationality is Steve Arnott in line of duty?

He is known for his lead role as Anti-Corruption Unit Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott in the BBC drama Line of Duty….

Martin Compston
Born 8 May 1984 Greenock, Scotland
Nationality Scottish
Occupation Actor, former professional footballer
Years active 2002–present

Does AC 12 really exist?

Although AC-12 doesn’t exist, there are similar anti-corruption branches in police forces across the UK. The London Met’s version of AC-12 was originally called A10, but it was renamed to CIB1 (Complaints Investigation), and then CIB2 before settling on the Directorate of Professional Standards (DPS).

Does Martin Compston have a baby?

Congratulations! Line of Duty star Martin Compston and his wife Tianna have revealed they are expecting their first child. The couple stepped out at Henley Festival together and Tianna, 32, showed off her blossoming baby bump in a fitted dress.

How tall is Steve Arnott?

The Traces actor is 5ft 6in tall, or 173cm.


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