How do you get the sinking lure in Ocarina of Time?

How do you get the sinking lure in Ocarina of Time?

To obtain the Lure, Link must walk up to these places while carrying the fishing rod: On the big underwater rock by the stream. Hidden in an underwater rock by the three poles surfacing from the water on the east side of the pond. On the arched log to the west of the pond.

How do you get the fish to bite in Ocarina of Time?

Just lure the fish in slowly. Sometimes it will follow, sometimes it will quit early. If it quits early, then cast the line again and keep doing this until it bites.

How do I catch a Hylian Loach?

How to catch the Hylian Loach

  1. As adult Link, head to the fishing pond at Lake Hylia.
  2. Catch a regular fish (around 15 pounds) to get the golden scale from the pond’s owner.
  3. Find the sinking lure.
  4. Once you’ve found it head back to the pond owner and talk to him.
  5. Locate the Hylian Loach.
  6. Cast your fishing line so the lure rests just behind the Loach.

How do you catch the biggest fish in Zelda Ocarina of Time?

The best way to catch the largest fish, either as a child or as an adult, is once you walk into the pond, walk to the left around the pond and then carefully make your way so you are standing on top of the arched log near the center of the pond.

How do you get the 20 pound fish in Zelda?

Go up as far as you can towards the fish (about up to the tip of Link’s hat.) Get the fish’s attention by casting the line in front of him, then pull it away really fast. Pull it away as far as you possibly can without resetting the line. If the fish bites it, you INSTANTLY catch the fish.

What do fish do in Ocarina of Time?

In Ocarina of Time, small Fish can be captured in Bottles, and are needed to gain entrance to Lord Jabu-Jabu’s belly. Fish can be scooped into a Bottle in Zora’s Domain, or alternately bought at the Medicine Shop or the Zora Shop for 200 Rupees. Bottled Fish can also be sold to the Buyer for 100 Rupees.

How do you get inside Jabu Jabu?

To get inside the first time, Link has to catch a fish in a bottle, and then drop it in front of Lord Jabu-Jabu. Lord Jabu-Jabu will then open his mouth, and inhale Link along with the fish. After completing the dungeon, Lord Jabu-Jabu will willingly open his mouth if Link wishes to enter, and allows him to leave.

How do you kill the jellyfish in Ocarina of Time?

Throw the boomerang at his central body until you stun him, then take out the jellyfish using your boomerang. The jellyfish will grow back eventually, so you may have to do this more than once. With all the jellyfish gone, it’s just you versus the central part of the Barinade. Stun him and slice him with your sword.

How do you save the Princess Zora in Ocarina of Time?

There’s a bottle underwater nearby so grab it and show the letter inside to King Zora. Stand on the pedestal in front of him, target King Zora and use the bottle with the letter inside. He’ll move out of the way to allow you to go rescue Princess Ruto from inside of Jabu-Jabu’s belly.

How do you beat Bigocto?

In order to defeat him, Link needs to stun him with the Boomerang, and then hit him in the round blob on his back with his sword. If this monster is facing towards him, then he will need to wait for the stun to wear off until Big Octo starts spinning, and then stun it again, hoping its back is facing him.

How do you get past the Big Octo in Majora’s Mask?

In Majora’s Mask, Big Octos appear in the Southern Swamp, blocking the way to the Deku Palace and the Deku Shrine. They attack Link by sucking him in and spitting him out if he gets too close. They can be defeated by ramming into them with the boat on the Boat Cruise, thus opening the way to the Deku Palace.

Where do you find the Big Octo in Wind Waker?

To find a Big Octo, skim the horizon for a flock of seagulls and follow it, then take out the creature’s eyes with one of your projectile weapons. Boomerang works best.

How do I talk to King Zora?

In the zora domain go to the zora waterfall to play the rupee game to get the silver scale. Then go to the under water tunnel that leads to lake hylia. When u get there u should be able to see a bottle underwater. Grab that bottle read the note and show it to the zora king.

Where is Princess Ruto?

Hyrule Warriors As a princess of the Zoras, Ruto is at home in the water, ruling over Zora’s Domain at the point where the Zora’s River flows into Lake Hylia.

Where is Jabu’s belly?

Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly
Location Zora’s Fountain
Main appearance(s) Ocarina of Time
Main Item(s) Boomerang Gold Skulltula ×4
Quest Reward(s) Zora’s Sapphire Heart Container

How do you get past Jabu’s belly?

Use a Deku Nut to kill the Shaboms on this side, then shoot the hanging switch with the slingshot, get Ruto and go through the door. Use your shield to deflect the rock from the octorok. After you kill the octorok, pick up Ruto again. Jump onto the moving platform that eventually floats down.

How do you beat the mini boss in Jabu Jabu’s Belly?

To defeat Bigocto, Link must run around the spinning circular platform, while avoiding the spikes, in the opposite direction it is moving.

What do you do in Zora’s Domain in Ocarina of Time?

Follow the river outside Kakariko Village to find the entrance to Zora’s River. After talking to Kaepora Gaebora, use bombs to blow up the rocks obstructing your path. Gold Skulltula: Roll into the tree to the left of the boulders to knock down a Gold Skulltula.

What do you do after you get the Goron Ruby?

After getting the Goron Ruby, go up to the part of the mountain where your path is blocked by boulders, to the left of the red flag. Drop and throw bombs to get rid of all of the boulders.

How do you get the spiritual stone of fire in Ocarina of Time?

Walk across the wooden ledge and jump straight to the bottom. Stand on the rug and play Zelda’s Lullaby to open the door to Darunia’s lair. Talk to Darunia and then play Saria’s Song to cheer him up a bit. Darunia offers you the spiritual stone of fire in return for clearing Dodongo’s Cavern of monsters.

Where do I learn Saria’s Song?

Where to learn it. After you have met Princess Zelda and have learned Zelda’s Lullaby, you are required to go back and tell Saria about the quest you are on. Go back to Kokiri Forest and go into the Lost Woods. If you walk up to each of the entrances, through one of them in each room you will hear this song get louder.


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